And just like that… it was over

So, apparently last night’s class was the last class for the semester… which I didn’t know until after class 😦 I thought we were going through the rest of the month! I had lessons planned out. There was going to be fun and prizes. Okay, my idea of “fun” and my students’ idea of “fun” may be two different things, but I was thinking we’d have a special class devoted to stretching, maybe some time to focus on some of the minutiae that we generally breeze through. I wanted to get a little something for each of my students to commemorate their (and my) first few months of ballet with MRNM. But… I guess I’ll have to save that for the summer session? Not sure. Summer classes don’t start until the end of June. That’s a long way off.

We do have a show on Saturday. Our ballet class isn’t performing in it as I didn’t find out about it in time to come up with a piece they could handle on their own and look moderately ballet-ish. But we’re all in it in other pieces, so I may still do some little gifts for them if I can come up with stuff in time.

Sigh. Kind of a bummer.

Focusing on the positive… we made it almost all the way through the first semester of the first year of 100 Lessons in Classical Ballet! We didn’t get to 3rd arabesques or changement de pieds, but I think we hit everything else. They were looking good last night… probably helped that we had an extra class on Sunday. Corrections are coming easier and they’re starting to correct themselves. Sur le cou-de-pieds were more wrapped. Turnout was more consistently turned out.

All in all, very proud of how far my class progressed in a few short months. And especially happy that they all seemed to enjoy it! So I guess now I’ll start thinking about the summer/fall and where I hope to take them then. Do some reflection on my teaching techniques and think about what worked and what needs improvement. And try to figure out how I can do more of this (hopefully on more than a volunteer basis!).


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