Gloat… gloatgloatgloat

Okay, can I just say that I have the best students ever!!!

Or, at the very least, I have students with exceptional talent at stroking my Leonine ego.

Because… I kick their collective ass… hard. Every week. Last week the director walked in as I was leaving and commented that the class looked exhausted. Heh heh. Yup.

And the following day I get messages like this… “Everything hurts! But it’s awesome!” “Thanks for the ass-kicking class! “I feel tons better now that my legs are shaking. Thanks MRNM!”

MRNM? “Miss Rori No Mercy.” One of them came up with that moniker and it has stuck.

And on top of that, this week they started in with, “I wish we could have class more than once a week!” “Yeah, yeah! Me, too!” “How ’bout Thursday, can we do Thursdays? No? How ’bout Fridays?!”

Not sure when we’d be able to do a second class, but I’d love to add another one for them. I’ll have to see what I can do.

But seriously? As I told one of my students today, I know I’m not the easiest teacher.

“Don’t change,” she said. “That’s why we love your class.”

And I love their enthusiasm. I leave that class energized and excited for the next week. It makes me want to do more. A lot more. Hm…


One thought on “Gloat… gloatgloatgloat

  1. Johanna says:

    That´s just awesome, Miss Rory No Mercy! 🙂

    Seriously, before we learn to push ourselves, we need someone to kick us in the right direction! And then keep pushing us whenever our wills falter.. i have always loved my most energetic and demanding teachers the best. Thank goodness they have also been encouraging and caring too. It makes such a huge difference!

    Thanks Rory for another terrific post! Hey, and how about joining twitter?

    Take care!

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