That’s pointe star dancin’

A month or so ago Adult Beginner wanted to talk about pointe, baby. With her usual wit and style she put a whole new spin on the pointe concept that I hadn’t previously considered. Man, pointe is dirty! And then you consider the terminology: boxes and vamps?! C’mon now! And am I the only person who thinks that “shank” just sounds naughty?

Seriously, though, two pointe classes down and it’s going better than expected. My Pillows for Pointe are way more comfortable than the old loose wool I used to deal with. No blisters yet (knock on wood!), though the bunion on my left foot is somewhat enraged with my newest adventure in avocational torture. My calves and feet and thighs and butt are cramped. But I’m happy as a pig in poo, so…

Going back on pointe is a bit frightening, a bit overwhelming, a bit frustrating, just like going back to regular ballet. But, as with regular ballet, I’m gradually finding more of the knowledge that was stuffed in the recesses of my brain. It’s kind of like riding a bike… or, you know, nothing like riding a bike. Happily many of the other people in our class are in the same boat: a good 5, 10, 20 years out and getting back to it, which makes it a little less intimidating.

Enjoying the Rubins, too. I was a bit frustrated last week as I wasn’t getting all the way over on the box on the left side (my right foot has always been stronger) and was beginning to question whether I chose the right shoes, but last night it was less of an issue, so I think I just needed to break them in some. The flexible shank is nice… I was surprised to have any sort of demi-pointe on the first wear. And the pleat-less box gets an “A”.

So, there’s my update on going back on pointe. Will be interesting to see how it goes over the next few weeks!


2 thoughts on “That’s pointe star dancin’

  1. Heh heh. Box. Heh heh heh

  2. Hahaha It IS kind of dirty. But oh so exciting! I’m glad you’re really happy about being up on pointe again. I am going to live vicariously through you and through Pointe ‘Til You Drop. So blog about it often, please. And I’ll blog about being a beginner. You can read my posts and thank your lucky stars you’re back on pointe.

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