The wobbly ballerina

Dress rehearsal tonight for our weekend performance. And after that experience, I’m a little scared of what the performance is going to be like (though in my experience a terrible dress rehearsal usually means a great show, so trying to keep that in mind).

The best analogy I can come up with for dress rehearsal is… imagine that someone blindfolded you, spun you around a few times, and then told you to dance. That’s what it feels like. You’re in a new space, the lighting is all wonky, and you’re wearing weird clothes that you perhaps have never worn before on a floor that is unfamiliar. Disorienting, at best.

The only small comfort is knowing that everyone else is in the same boat. I got off stage after we ran through one of our numbers where I felt myself wobbling all over the place like I had consumed my adult beverage before rehearsal (it goes without saying that there was an adult beverage consumed after rehearsal). Other dancers were saying the same thing. I felt so inept, but at least I wasn’t the only wobbly ballerina.

And tomorrow… it won’t be new anymore and I’m sure there will be plenty more rehearsal before the curtain parts at 7pm.

Fingers crossed!


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