Why so serious?

Sometimes I struggle with the laissez-faire attitude that comes with adult classes. Just sayin’. One of the things I always enjoyed about ballet was the fact that it was a little more formal and structured than classes in other forms of dance. This isn’t to say that it’s a dour pursuit. Ballet is still a lot of fun and if we didn’t laugh at our mistakes, well gosh, no one would last past the first class. But… seems like once you stop being a kid no one really cares much about decorum anymore.

And there are times when my patience with the cut-ups is sorely lacking. I get that the people who have been there a while have shared experiences. There are funny little inside jokes and nicknames and antics. That’s fine. But… I’m not looking to be in on the jokes. I came here to learn. I’m trying to get myself back to a certain level. This isn’t my equivalent of the local watering hole where I go hang out because I have nothing better to do on a given night. This is something I take a little seriously. Not a lot seriously, ’cause, well, face it, I’m too old to do much more than prance around in the annual recital. But seeing as I’m paying good money to prance around… how about we save the giggles for after class? Maybe I’ll even join in… I love a good dose of silly once in a while. Just… not when I’m playing ballerina!


2 thoughts on “Why so serious?

  1. pointetilyoudrop says:

    I have to confess that I sometimes get just a little bit carried away. It´s all that excitement of dancing and learning! On one occasion we were doing straddle stretches on the floor and I was commiserating (as in whispering) with my friend over our lack of flexibility. Our teacher immediately caught what we were doing and told us to stretch our legs, not our tongues! LOL (we almost were). Busted!

    Our teachers (my favorite two) are not above reprimanding adults – they are strict and demanding and expect you to ready and alert 100%. Don´t get me wrong though, both totally lovely and encouraging at the same time. Still, in their classes there is never any kind of idle chit chat going on! Instead it is a very focused class with terrific energy.

    And I happen to agree with you! I find hanging-out-at-the-watering-hole behavior both disruptive and showing a lack of respect to your teacher and fellow dancers. You can always debrief after class! I used to go to a fun class on Saturdays, until it became too fun.. People (even seasoned dancers) were chatting away while the other group was doing the variation. It used to drive me nuts!

    When I take class I want to watch, listen, learn and dance. Don´t want to throw that 90 minutes away!

    Thanks for giving me a space to vent 🙂

  2. mathematicalstateofmind says:

    Very very well said. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    I have been really struggling to find a good adult dance studio or good classes local to me. Most of them just assume that you’re there to socialise, and have fun, that you are past it anyway, so there is no point making special effort to correct you.

    I too, want to be serious about my technique, and get corrections. Sadly in the adult class world that seems too much to ask. I have gigglers in my classes too! grrrrrr
    Not sure where you are but I’m in the south east of England. Really difficult to find structured dance classes here 😦

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