Delusional old lady in pink satin

So it appears that adult pointe class is going to begin after all! I guess we were supposed to begin last Thursday, but the majority of class (including myself) missed the memo, so we agreed to start back up after our show (which is next weekend, eek!). This gave me two weeks to find pointe shoes that were manufactured in the 21st century. Not even kidding on that part. For the reference here is the old:

My pair of Chacott Veronese II pointes that I purchased sometime towards the end of my college career. This picture actually makes them look less beat up than they are and they certainly aren’t dead yet (to paraphrase Monty Python)… but, at 10+ years old, I’m certainly not going to trust those boxes to hold me up on pointe!

And now…. drumroll please… the new:

Pretty new Russian Pointe Rubins… I am pretty sure this brand didn’t even exist the last time I was in the market for evil satin torture devices. But they are lovely.

I was a little nervous having not purchased pointes in a while. When I was in middle school and high school my ballet teachers always came along to help us find shoes. In college I was either strong enough or cocky enough to feel comfortable venturing into a store alone to pick out shoes (I’ve never worn the same brand twice… not that I’ve had bad shoes, just never found anything that I loved enough to buy again). But seeing as I’ve been away from it, I really wanted to make sure I went somewhere that was going to do more than throw shoes at me that were roughly my size and let me pick. I chose a store whose website highlighted the owner’s training in fitting pointe shoes in the hopes that this would mean I’d have a good fitting experience and it seemed to pay off.

The owner spent a good hour with me. The first decision I had to make… what kind of padding to use. I’d always used loose wool in the past. It was what my first real pointe teacher favored and I just stuck with it. The woman fitting me suggested wool pads (Pillows for Pointes). I always felt like those were cheating, somehow, though I can’t deny that it’s way easier to deal with than loose wool. I agreed to give them a try and have to say that they were definitely more comfortable than loose wool, plus they stay in place. And I could still feel the floor just fine, so… now that I’d figured out what to wear in my shoes, time to decide what shoes I should wear.

It turns out that only the second pair I tried on ended up being “the ones” but I went through a ton more just to be sure. Mostly all were Russian Pointes. Also tried on some Blochs, including a pair of their new TMT line. Loved the shank on those and another pair of Blochs, but the boxes just didn’t do it for me. The Rubin had the right combination of box and shank and platform. I could immediately feel that I was able to get over on the box and while the shank doesn’t hug my foot quite as much as I’d like right out of the box, they are pre-arched and I expect that once I start working in them they’ll start to conform pretty quickly. The woman fitting me said that my foot had the best alignment in these and I could definitely feel it. Also loved that this style doesn’t have pleats under the toe box. Don’t know why, but that concept appealed to me.

Looking forward to getting the elastics and ribbons on these suckers and getting to work!


2 thoughts on “Delusional old lady in pink satin

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