The siren song of Discount Dance

Okay, after this little episode I was really going to put myself on a dancewear diet. No more dance stuff for at least a month or two. I’m ignoring the fact that I just got an order a couple weeks ago in the mail. Necessary stuff, though. More tights, some resistabands, some warmup stuff to wear in the super-cold racquetball court where I teach. But… butbutbut… well, see, now I need black ballet slippers and black tights for the show I’m doing in March. And we need to wear our hair in proper ballet buns, so I need hair nets. So I’ll just pop on over to the Discount Dance site and look, they have all that stuff. And oh, hey look, they’ve got some cute legwarmers on clearance, $3.50, why not!? Oh, and if you spend $75 you can get shipping for a penny! You know what, I really don’t like the black leo I have, it fits funny, and I found one that’s just gorgeous… and if I put that in my cart I’m at the $75 mark. Clearly it was meant to be.

Okay, after this NO MORE DANCE STUFF! I swear…


One thought on “The siren song of Discount Dance

  1. balletnerd says:

    Hi Rori –
    I agree 100% – dancewear is hugely addictive. Enjoying your blog and I’ll be linking it to mine shortly. It’s really cool reading from your perspective – as a teacher of adult beginners. Also impressed by the amount of thought you have put into planning your classes. Keep posting!


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