Happy days

Some days I really don’t feel like going to dance class. Well, I do and I don’t. Usually I get to the point where I’m dressed for class, need to leave in 5 minutes, and start thinking, hm, maybe I don’t need to go today. I could stay home and… [surf the internet, clean the house, do my tax return, generally be a lump]. Guilt usually wins out and I find myself at the studio. The funny thing is that those days usually end up being the days where I leave feeling like I’ve had some sort of breakthrough with my dancing.

Monday was one of those days. I had wolfed down a couple brownies before class, which probably played into my questioning whether to go to class or not. It should have been all the MORE reason to go to class, but sloth begets sloth. Regardless, the Monday class is the one class I’m actually officially signed up for. And it’s the “beginner” class (term used very loosely… my beginners would run off to cower in a corner if I gave them the combinations we do in this class). So I feel a tad less inept than I do in the other two ballet classes I take. Guilt took over, I went to class.

And… it was good! I actually managed to coordinate my brain and my feet (for the most part). My extension finally went (a little) above 90 degrees in all directions without my standing leg going wonky. I managed to balance on demi-pointe on one foot for more than a millisecond. If I had actually attempted some double-pirouettes who knows what might have happened! It was one of those classes where I felt like I was firing on all cylinders. Yah. Man, I’m so glad those days exist! Makes it easier to go back for more.

Like… Thursday’s class with only 6 people in it! Amazing how much more exhausting a class is when there are fewer people. All that across the floor stuff takes up much less time and all of a sudden it’s time to go across again! But we did some fun stuff. Like grand battements en cloche. Man I love those. Would love them more if my standing hip didn’t feel the need to wobble around. And learned Bournonville jetés too. Yay. It’s possible I’d done those sometime before and don’t remember, but I liked them. I like big ballet. Jumping. Craziness.

But maybe not quite THIS crazy:


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