Pump up the volume, pump up the volume, pump up the volume — Dance dance

Dance dance is right…

Here’s a rundown of the last 7 days:
Thursday – work (gotta fund this venture somehow!), rehearsal with the company for local dancing with the “stars” fundraiser (we were neither professionals, nor stars, just added entertainment)
Friday – work, actual fundraiser performance (video to come, hopefully)
Saturday – ballet class, ballet rehearsal & contemporary rehearsal
Sunday – work job #2, company class
Monday – work (back to job #1), ballet class
Tuesday – work, teach ballet class
Wednesday – work, hair appt. (nothing to do with dancing, just much-needed wine and root coverage!)

This is to be followed by:
Thursday – work, ballet class
Friday – work, contemporary rehearsal (new piece)
Saturday – ballet class, ballet rehearsal, contemporary rehearsal (maybe sneak in a hockey game… to watch, not to play!)
Sunday – work job #2, company class
And so on…

Yawn. Tired. Having fun, but looking forward to my upcoming break. The ballet studio will be closed at the end of the month for school vacation (probably still have rehearsals, but no classes). Some of the members of the company are going to be gone, too, so company class will be on hiatus for a couple weeks, though the director wants to keep her other classes going while she’s gone, so I’ll be subbing for her. Luckily they’re the same night as the class I teach, so at least I can get everything done in one fell swoop.

It’ll be nice to have some down time! Just enough so that I miss class and get regrouped for the performances that are coming up: original ballet works show in the beginning of March, then a showcase with the company in the beginning of April. 🙂


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