Break it down…

This post has nothing to do with the Tears for Fears song, I just wanted to give you a little musical flashback to accompany my post. 😉

Just got home from Adult Ballet II… good news, I think we’re breaking the teacher down (harharhar). We started campaigning for an adult pointe class a few weeks ago. There’s a class listed on the official schedule, but the enrollment dropped to two people at one point, so they gave it up. But there are quite a few of us who are more recent arrivals who want to take it (and don’t want to come early on Thursday to take pointe with the teenagers). Finally today our teacher said, okay, maybe after February 1st we’ll start it back up. Yay! Now the question is… do I use the old pointe shoes for a while or go for the new ones I’m lusting after? I really really want a pair of Gaynor Mindens. Tried them on a couple months back, and wow, amazing.

Anyway, totally off my intended point (or, pointe! oh, I kill me!).

So, in class today we delved back into some of those things I once knew, but have lost along the way, including petit battement and petit battement serré. I used to love those, but I’ve definitely lost my speed and crispness over the years. In writing up my lesson plans for the Intro Ballet class I will hopefully start teaching soon (if it ever stops snowing) I have things like double frappés and petits battements on the itinerary, but will obviously do them much slower than what we’re expected to do in the advanced levels. I was thinking today that the process of teaching those steps may actually serve to improve my own technique. It’s been so long since I’ve actually been able to sit (well, stand) and work on the intricacies of these things… I’m looking forward to having a good reason to take it slow and, well, break it down!

“So these are my schemes
And these are my plans
Hot tips for the boys
Fresh news from the force
When it’s all mixed up
Better break it down.”


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