Peer fears

Apparently Monday’s ballet class was rife with blogging material. Here’s another post courtesy of my brain’s rambling in class when I probably should’ve been concentrating more on my turnout…

As I mentioned, we had a substitute teacher for class. The party line, as our regular teacher skipped out the door, is that she’s been sick, was going home early to recuperate. I have suspicions that the actual story involved partying. Sounded like a birthday to me. But I won’t begrudge her an evening off for whatever reason as long as someone was there to kick our butts! 😉

Our teacher for the evening is another faculty member who often takes class with us. It was rather amusing to see the same woman who grouses (good-naturedly, of course) about particularly cruel combinations turn around and give us equally cruel combinations when she’s in charge! She admitted that she’s been on a plié kick lately, so we all left with sore thighs from doing everything in plié. Ouch!

We were joking that we now understood why her Ballet 4 kids (who are in class right before us) come out of class huffing and puffing. We spent a good part of our class ribbing her for being so mean. All in good fun, of course. She playfully protested… and a few of the Ballet 4s sat at the door watching us to see if she was as tough with the old biddies as she was with them 😉

Overall it was a good time. I like switching things up, seeing what I can get from a new teacher whether in technique, artistry, etc. But it was funny to see someone who is usually a peer in the class in charge and getting razzed for it.

See, the class I’m going to be teaching… well, it’s mostly people I already dance with (this is a separate group from my ballet school). And I know them in a much more relaxed setting. I’ve been their peer for a year and a half now. So I’m a little concerned at how it’s going to be when I’m the teacher instead of a fellow student. Especially since I’ve got high expectations. I’m just not sure if they’re realistic. I want to share my love of ballet, but part of what I love is the discipline and formality. Our group is full of renegades and let-it-all-hang-out types. Will they hate me after this class? I mean, I do have a sense of humor, I’m not planning to bring a yard stick to class or anything. Just… I’m not as informal as they’re used to… time will tell, I suppose.


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