Dancewear is addictive

Has anyone ever noticed this?

When I started back to dance after my years off I realized that most of my old dance stuff had pretty much all shat the bed. I would stretch a leotard and hear that ominous crinkle as the elastic decomposed.

So for a while I made do with yoga/workout wear. I bought some dance sneakers since we were doing hip-hop and the like. Then there was some costume-y type stuff, body tights, a leo we were all going to wear. That was reasonable.

But then, oh, we’re taking a ballet master class, maybe I’ll treat myself to a pair of ballet slippers (as the old ones were held together with tape). At the time it seemed sort of frivolous since I had no plans to take subsequent ballet classes, but I wasn’t about to show up in my old worn out slippers! At least I got a pair of canvas slippers, (the first time I ever tried canvas) which are relatively cheap, so not a huge extravagance. And then, once I actually decided to start ballet classes again, well, I can’t wear yoga wear to class! So I bought a pair of pink tights, a new leo. Later thought, maybe I should get another pair of pink tights so that I don’t have to panic if the other’s still in the wash pile. And yeah, will need another leo, too. Then found out I was going to start teaching, and for some reason felt that I needed a long-sleeved leo. Dance teachers wear long-sleeve leos. I mean, I don’t want to get cold, right? Oh, and now I have added another dance class to my week, and there are rehearsals, and suddenly I just don’t seem to have enough tights. Or leotards. And, oh, the class I’m teaching will be on a wood floor, maybe canvas slippers aren’t the best, I should get some in leather, too. And you know what, shrugs seem really nice; I might need a shrug. Maybe some legwarmers? How about a skirt? This may be getting out of hand!

Not to mention that I never seem to like the cheap stuff. Oh, noooo… just got home from a dance store with two new leos with funky backs. No plain leos for me, oh no, they have to have a cool back (cool backs come at a premium, by the way!). Also bought a pair of ballet slippers for $35!!! They better last 10 years at that cost! But they make my flat feet look like they have some sort of arch and apparently I have become vain about the appearance of my feet in my old age. I was lucky that this store was an overwhelming hodgepodge of dance attire/shoes/etc. which left me feeling overstimulated, so I escaped before seeking out the dance skirts and knitwear (those will have to wait for the time being!).

I may end up in dancewear rehab before the year is out!


One thought on “Dancewear is addictive

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