OMG, like, wow

With my current obsession with all things dance (particularly ballet) I’ve been trolling the interwebz soaking up all I can find on the subject, especially anything related to adult beginning ballet (seeing as I somehow found myself agreeing to teach such a class; how do I get roped into these things?). I can do ballet (mostly), or at the very least I get how it’s supposed to be done, but I’ve never tried to teach ballet, let alone teach it to people who don’t know anything about it. I mean… I learned how to do a plié (eep!) almost 25 years ago when I was a twerpy little tot with a bad haircut. Seems like a simple thing to teach and then I think about all the components that make a good plie and I think, man, how the heck do I teach that!?

So… I’ve done a lot of research, found some great books and stuff, even made some lesson plans! But also found some awesome blogs (see the “Dancey-Dance” blogroll) of dancers, dance teachers, and adult beginners. One of my faves is called (get this!): Adult Beginner. Hilarious. So, I thought, who better to ask what an adult beginner wants from a beginning ballet class than Adult Beginner? And, gosh, if she didn’t turn my comment into a new post! Give this ballet teacher a piece of your mind

OMG, like, wow!

Looking forward to hearing her readers’ thoughts and will hopefully follow up on that with a response. Next Tuesday will be the first class, so I’ll surely have plenty to say on how it goes! Stay tuned! Oh, and while you’re reading the post I linked to above, be sure to check out the rest of Adult Beginner’s blog and see why it ranked in the top 20 dance blogs!


One thought on “OMG, like, wow

  1. […] loving the comments that Adult Beginner’s post has generated (see: OMG, like, wow). Based on what I’ve read so far it seems that my instincts on how to approach this class […]

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