What I Miss About Childhood

Vibrant colors

Coloring! How often as an adult does someone hand you a coloring book and a box of Crayolas and ask you to spend your afternoon filling in between the lines? There was something entirely satisfying about a new box of crayons (the box of 64 with the sharpener in the back was the best, but even a brand new box of 8 was special) and a blank book of images waiting to be brought to life. And there was something about the coloring books of my childhood which has gone by the wayside… I don't think you can buy a "generic" coloring book today; they all seem to be branded with SpongeBob or Dora or whomever. Though I might take a Dora coloring book if someone offered it, just for the opportunity to bliss out to the smell of the crayons, the sound and feel of the wax brushing back-and-forth across the rough coloring book pages, and the fact that in a few minutes you can fill in the lines and feel a sense of accomplishment at having finished something! Bring back coloring time, I say!

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One thought on “What I Miss About Childhood

  1. Sandy says:

    Guess we have something in common, then,eh?
    The smell of crayons is a classic memory, along with the big old jar of school paste!

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