Lots to catch up on… I’ve had a hard time blogging lately. Trying to decide what direction to take this blog in since its original purpose (to keep family/friends up-to-date on my life in nursing school) is long expired and my life as a clinical nurse (the interesting kind of nursing) was sadly quite short-lived. Therefore…

I’ve started an account at Plinky.com and will be sharing the posts here, so hopefully that will spice up the page a little. Maybe give me some fodder for non-work related posts. Let me know what you think. It seems a little “Look at me!” from first glance, but I seem to remember something from my creative writing class in college (or maybe it was somewhere else) that it’s good to write some everyday. My dear readers are under no obligation to read my drivel. That’s why it’s a blog and not, say, a textbook 😉

Next up, I’ve actually made some changes in my work life which might provide additional topics for conversation. As of the end of this month I will be leaving my current role as a hospital quality nurse and will be moving to a primary care practice (federally qualified) to manage their chronic disease program. So… still quality-ish work, but definitely different from my current role. Hopefully more interesting! There’s a rumor that I might actually get to witness patients in the flesh! Woah.

In the rest of my quick recap of my life, I’ve put the FNP plan on hold for the moment. Figured it wasn’t a good idea to spend all that money on something I wasn’t sure about. No rush. Save $$$ (i.e. pay off existing student loans!), figure out what I might really want to be when I grow up. Clinical nursing is also similarly on hold… I’ll admit that I’ve gotten rather used to the regular schedule of a desk-jockey and it accomodates my personal life nicely. Plus there are really only a very few areas that interest me enough for me to give up my current career trajectory (that being maternal/infant/pediatric health) and none of those areas are banging down my door. As for the personal life, the dance company is keeping me quite busy. Gigs are being added every day, it seems. I’m under no delusion that we’re going to hit it big someday, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t give it some effort on the off chance that we do!

So there’s my life and my blog in a nutshell. We’ll see how my current revamping plans work out for both. Lots of changes to come, I’m sure!


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