10 Things That Make Me Happy

I can display the different aspects of my persona depending on the style of dance (hip hop – tough girl with attitude, modern – flowing & deep, ballet – disciplined & graceful). I can step outside my shyness on stage and be whatever I want to be.

My cats
The bad, bad kitty girls… so naughty, so annoying, but so nice to have around nonetheless.

My home
It’s clean (some of the time), modern, and suits me! Six years later and I still can’t believe I’m a homeowner!

I love the freedom to go where I want. I love the symphony of steering, shifting, accelerating, braking.

Being a Leo
Just because…

My family
The whole motley crew of ’em… who offer love and support regardless of how long it’s been since I’ve seen them. We may not be a loud, demonstrative sort of family, but there’s a deep undercurrent that is truly special.

My close friends
We’re scattered around, but when we talk or get together good times are bound to be had. I can let my hair down and be me.

Putting thoughts to paper (or computer screen) has a remarkable way of clarifying the scatteredness of my brain!

Goes along with dancing… so many genres to express whatever mood I may be in (or want to be in). So much meaning behind a lot of the music (and plenty of fluff for when you just want to have fun!).

Being me
Always something to improve, but really… I’m so glad I’m me!

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