Yes, it’s been 5 months since my last post. What of it? Hahaha… believe me, you don’t want to read about my boring life in the land of spreadsheets and reports. I certainly don’t want to write about it at the end of the day after I’ve left my desk! So onto the point of this post…

Our pediatric floor recently reopened. Fair amount of buzz about the place which made me nosy. It’s a locked unit, so not something you can just wander through and seeing as I have no real reason to be there… and the open house isn’t until September… *sigh* My nosiness would typically go unresolved. Luckily, my coworker wanted to do some improptu safety rounds and asked if I wanted to tag along. We went up, took a gander about. Saw the new playroom, the family lounge area, and the nurses’ station. And now… I’m antsy.

When they first started talking about this unit I was intrigued. In case it isn’t entirely obvious, I love maternal-child health. While I’d love to work in a NICU or some homey birthing center, pedi is definitely up there on my list of interests. But… we’re a community hospital. We ship the serious stuff into town. The pedi cases we’re mostly dealing with are the post-op tonsillectomies and asthma exacerbations. Important stuff, but I hanker for the serious stuff. That being said… in my quest to get back into something clinical I’ve put apps out at NICUs and pediatric floors elsewhere and haven’t gotten a bite. Right now hospitals are really looking for nurses that already have experience. It’s a frustrating state of affairs. I can understand it on the one hand, but I can’t help but think that these hospitals are cutting their noses off to spite their faces. If you don’t train the newbies then where are you going to get experienced nurses down the road? Anyway… the point of this being, I’ve come to the realization (as I did a couple years ago when offered my first job here as an RN) that my best option may be to seek out clinical experience in my own hospital where the management knows me and is more likely (hopefully, anyway) to give me a shot at something that other hospitals won’t even consider me for. And in case you’re wondering, there are a couple positions posted on this floor. Two 12-hour shifts a week. Which would let me stay in Quality for a couple days a week while still getting me some clinical experience. Am I seriously considering this? Yes, I am.

Going back to clinical stuff has its downsides, of course. I can’t help but worry how I’ll work dance around a “real” nursing job. Right now I have weekends and holidays off, which makes it easy. If I’m working every other weekend that suddenly gets a lot more tricky (I’m thinking of a few months this past year when we had performances almost every weekend… I really wouldn’t want to be difficult and I’d happily work 3 weekends in a row to balance it out, but my fellow nurses might not go for it… understandably). On the flip side… two 12s plus two 8s means three days off a week! That would be sososo nice! And if I did nights then I could still make my Sunday dance class during the school year (would just have to leave class exactly on time and drive directly to work… a sacrifice I’d be willing to make). So… that’s what I’m thinking about this weekend. Might be having a conversation with some powers that be next week depending on how my mental calculus goes.

Unrelated to this topic but to my last post, I did successfully complete pharmacology. Successfully meaning I passed, that is. Pharmacology is not really interesting to study out of context. But what can you do, that’s how they mandate that NP programs educate. Now the question is what to do about classes in the fall. There are two I can take towards the NP, an assessment course and one about evidence-based practice. I’d ultimately like to take both, but not sure if it’ll work out. According to my boss… “That won’t work.” Yes, and thank you for your support. The main reason it won’t work is because it’s on Monday afternoons and, well, I’m supposed to be at work then. Haven’t mentioned that if I take both classes I’d also want to cut down on my hours. So… will have to revisit that conversation at some point, especially if I don’t end up getting back into something clinical soon because I really feel like I need something to keep my clinical skills from getting too terribly rusty.


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