All work and no play?

Lest you think my life is all about work, what I want to do for work, where I want to work, and what work works for me…. I have made some time for play. I promised myself that after school was over I’d get back into some of my hobbies, which has proven to be easier said that done. However, just recently I had the opportunity to get back into something that I had loved and lost… dance!

Through the miracle of Facebook I’ve reconnected with some people from my past. One of these people was the first person to teach me modern dance back in high school. She’s a few years older than I and had gone to Philadelphia to study dance and brought her knowledge back to our little dance studio during her college breaks. Learning about modern dance was a revelation for me (little Alvin Ailey reference for you dancers out there). I loved it and continued taking modern (and ballet) throughout college. But after college I kind of lost my dancing outlet. I missed it and always intended to get back into it someday, somehow, just never figured out how.

A couple months ago I posted on my status that I was watching Alvin Ailey on PBS and missing dance. Within minutes I had a message in my inbox from this old friend telling me that if I was in her area I should come take classes with the performing arts company she started about ten years ago. Well, sign me up! So every Wednesday for the past month or so, I’ve been leaving work a little early, driving an hour north of where I live, and getting my dancing feet back under me. I have bought dance sneakers (never knew such things existed before) and knee pads. I am learning hip-hop of all things… since we have no mirrors in our rehearsal space I have no idea how ridiculous I look, but damn, it’s fun.

I didn’t realize how much I missed having dance in my life until I started taking classes again. It’s a time that’s just for me. I don’t have to try to solve the problems of the world. I can be free and jump and run and twirl. And, hey, the hip-hop helps me get some aggressions out, which can be invaluable in the middle of the workweek! Never underestimate the power of an avocation!


2 thoughts on “All work and no play?

  1. Sandy says:

    You never missed a beat! Kinda like ‘riding a bike’, it all comes back to you again.
    Great show!

  2. […] Maybe I was lazy. Or maybe I just needed a break. Fast forward to mid-2009 and this happened: All work and no play? And you think, okay, old lady in the rec center getting her groove on, go you. But the thing is, […]

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