Out with a bang…

Sadly not the bang of firecrackers, but the bang of tree branches falling under the weight of ice. A storm blew our way Thursday afternoon and didn’t let up until mid-day Friday at which point much of the area was without power. Our professors had already sent out an e-mail on Thursday night cancelling our final classes of the program. At 10pm that night I lost power here. Friday morning I was still without power, as were many of my classmates, including the one who was hosting our end-of-program party, so that got cancelled. It was truly a bummer of a day. I wasn’t planning a big celebration anyway, but I really wanted some sort of event with my classmates to provide some closure to the past two years. Hopefully we can reschedule something, but I’m still in a snit that things didn’t go as planned.

On the upside, I am thankful for the fact that I somehow still had warm water 16 hours after the power went out (I kicked myself for not checking this before!) so I could take a shower. And I was thankful that my gas fireplace still works even without electricity and I was able to at least keep the main room toasty warm. And at 2 o’clock this morning I was thankful when the lights, furnace, and refrigerator kicked back on. Twenty-eight hours without power is more than enough, thank you.

So there ends my nursing school journey. It’s not quite the ending I was hoping for, but I’m trying to keep some perspective and remember that it’s not how it ended but the fact that it did end. I might remain a little grumpy for the next few days, though!


One thought on “Out with a bang…

  1. SN Moxie says:

    Congrats on finishing – I completely understand your feelings though. I hope things warm up a little and melt the ice so you can at least go out and enjoy a night to celebrate.

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