Crawling towards the finish line

Wow, I can’t believe I started this blog two years ago as I was just embarking on my nursing school journey. Now here I am less than two weeks (God/dess willing) from being el-done-o. The 14th can’t come soon enough, it really can’t. I am tired of my project, I am tired of trying to juggle learning a new job with school, and I am tired of my home being merely an annex of the classroom. I can’t wait for my time to be my own again.

Right now I’m supposed to be finishing up my presentation for this Friday (eek) and writing my draft of my final capstone paper. I have made some progress on it today. And I realized that my work for my other class is done, so that’s good. But ugh, my attention span is awful. I did talk myself out of going out for coffee in favor of drinking something from my own kitchen. But I’m daydreaming while staring into the flames of the fireplace. Staring out the windows into the dark to see if I can see Venus and Jupiter. Staring at the cats. Wandering around the kitchen looking for unneeded snacks. Mentally making up my Christmas card list. Coming up with random questions and googling to find out the answers. My pattern seems to be: five minutes of productivity followed by 45 of mindless nothingness. Geez, if I’m going to take these long breaks I could at least be cleaning. Then I could at least say I accomplished something.

The sad part of all of this is that I know within a month of being done I’ll start missing school. I’ll probably complain that I’m bored. Never satisfied, me.

Check back in a couple weeks when I’ve gained some perspective. For now it’s Captain Complainer, over and out!


One thought on “Crawling towards the finish line

  1. Caroline says:

    Not much longer for either of us. I will be interested to read if you actually start missing school. I am pretty sure I won’t. 🙂 I already have some plans for my first paycheck. Woohoo! GO US!

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