Working on my night moves

I’m going on nights tonight. Not quite sure what to think of it… I’ll let you know in 24 hours. I’m not happy about going on nights, I’ll admit. I know I’m the new girl, so I kind of have to suck it up and deal. But I am nervous about how I’m going to do being up all night. Part of it is fear of what my body is going to do when I throw my circadian rhythms off. The other part of me fears what it will be like to work with this new bunch of people who I usually only see for a few minutes as they are heading off their shift. Hopefully this new schedule will be short-lived. There are a couple people who should be going onto nights (voluntarily) soon, and my manager said after that she’d put me back on days so that I can learn labor & delivery (woohooooooo!!!).

This will be an adventure, then. But I am looking forward to the paycheck! Love those shift differentials.

Still plugging away at my school stuff. I am feeling frustrated with how the school organized various aspects of our curriculum. I feel very behind. I only have two months to get my capstone project done and so far not much has happened with it. Ugh. I just want to be done. I am already thinking of what I will do with all that free time I’ll have. It will be loverly.


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