On the Floor

After my major grumpus episode on Tuesday I am feeling much better now. I was on the floor to orient to postpartum on Friday and did NOT get shoved in a corner. I was with a nurse who… well, I don’t quite know how to describe her other than she is a character. She obviously knows her stuff inside and out and her patients love her (and she knows it!). I had a couple patients today say to me, “There’s no one better to learn from… all the nurses here are nice, but she is great!” The bad part? Today was her last day for a month and a half! So, so sad about that. But I am glad that I at least got to start with her. And she spoke to one of the other nurses (who also happens to be a nursing instructor) and asked her to look out for me on Monday to make sure I get placed with someone good. I’m feeling slightly more hopeful, but still nervous about the day.

The classes have been going okay. Feels like school, but I’m getting paid to be there, so I can’t complain much. We did have a day on IV therapy. I was relieved that no one else in our group had done IVs in school, either. A lot of hospitals have IV teams (ours is not one of them, but I’m pretty sure we’re the exception) and those that don’t are still loath to have students starting them. So we practiced on some tubing and then on the fake arm. We have to get five successful sticks with a preceptor before we’re off to do them on our own… I have no idea when that’s going to happen for me. Seeing as I’m on postpartum for the next few months the only IV contact I’m likely to have is removing them. However the educator for the oncology clinic had said that she would be willing to take people for a day to do work on the skill, so I think I’ll take her up on that whenever it’s offered.

Aside from work stuff, I entered a new decade yesterday. I would say something profound about age or life or the universe here, but I’ve got nothing. Oh well. It was a good day, hung out with the parents and brother’s family. Going out with some friends on Tuesday, then another friend is coming to visit next weekend.

Now I’m just spending the day attempting to get some semblance of organization going here. Kitties were on the destructive side yesterday… I think they’re protesting something. So I need to clean up after them and get ready for me week. I am not a fan of this five-day work week thing. I hope I can get back to 12-hour shifts soon!


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