Flying solo

In the midst of the rough week at work one of our nursery nurses suffered a loss in her own family. Understandably she wouldn’t be able to make it in for her upcoming shifts. This change in the schedule was further complicated by the fact that we’re in vacation season and another of the main nursery nurses was going to be out and unable to help. This is how I ended up getting tossed out of the nest to see if I could fly.

One day shift and one evening shift down. I haven’t heard back about any major transgressions, so I assume I did okay. I quickly realized, too, that my coworkers really are a good bunch. You hear so much about nurses eating their young, but for the most part I feel a lot of support. The nurses knew I was on my own and came by often to check on me and offer a hand if I needed it. Many of them threw me words of encouragement telling me I was doing a good job. It definitely helped me feel more confident to be staffing the nursery alone.

I’m covering three more days next week, then hopefully on to postpartum. The internship program starts next week, too, but as far as I know it’s just hospital and general nursing orientation for the first week. Our educator told me that I only need to go to the second day of nursing orientation, since I didn’t do it as a student. HR tried to tell me I needed to go to hospital orientation again, but my quality manager talked to them and got me out of that. The following week the real program begins. I’ll be interested to see what all it entails. Looking forward to moving on!


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