Tick tick tick

The days of waking up without an alarm are over… well, unless I find myself capable of waking up at 5am unassisted (with the kitties waking up around that hour that may actually be possible). Tomorrow I start the first day of my life as a real nurse. May I just state here that I hate being the noob. I know it will be short-lived. Heck, even a week from now I’ll probably be settled in with some semblance of a routine. But right now I’m dreading tomorrow… walking into the locker room, getting odd glances from people who have no idea who I am, hoping that the manager remembered to let folks know that I’m coming and that I have a pink badge waiting for me, answering the questions about where I went to school (and the accompanying eyebrow raises when I try to explain how it is that I’m a “new grad” but have not actually graduated from nursing school, but will have a master’s degree when I do). At least I’m starting out in the newborn nursery which seems fairly low-stress.

In preparation for my full-time job I tried to be productive this afternoon and get cracking on school stuff so it wouldn’t keep nagging at me. Too bad I was unable to post on the discussion board for our class. Apparently Microsoft Vista and Blackboard do not get along. Sigh… isn’t that just great, seeing as new computers don’t even come with the option of XP. I’ve resorted to reading posts on the new computer and responding to them on the old computer (typing as quickly as I can since I never know when it’s going to crash on me). Lovely system…. *rolls eyes*

Well, I am going to pick out my outfit to take to work (can’t wear it in, have to change there), make a lunch, and maybe reread some of my maternity text so I don’t look like a complete idiot when I come face-to-face with a wee one. Bed early since I’m guessing tomorrow will be a long day.


One thought on “Tick tick tick

  1. Caroline says:

    I hate new employee syndrome (aka all the things you mentioned.) It’s just so awkward. I am slowing getting out of it at my new place and it’s all the more reason to try and get hired there when I graduate because I HATE not fitting in or not knowing where anything is or not being privy to any inside jokes. It’s way more fun to be part of the club. Just think though, in a month or two, that part will all be over and you’ll feel like you’ve been a member of the team for years! Good luck!

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