What…. is your quest?

As I’ve written before I’ve been on a quest for scrubs that are somewhat attractive. I get that I’m not going to a fashion show here, but I still want to wear work clothes that look nice, i.e. fit appropriately, are made out of fabric that isn’t starched within an inch of its life, and reflect colors and patterns that I would normally wear in my non-work life. It’s turned out to be more of a task than I expected. I am very picky, I guess, but I like to find a balance between blah and LOUD!!!

Well… I actually found some winners! I’ve realized that I’m not going to find anything I like in the stores, so I’ve been ordering a couple different brands online to see what they were like. The first three sets I ordered were okay. Not wow, but workable. I ordered two more sets last week and just got them today, and wahoo, finally something cute, functional, comfortable, in a nice fabric. Someone had commented on one of my posts before and suggested Urbane… indeed, one of the winners is from them. I found this lovely tunic and got some matching aqua pants. Okay, the aqua pants are not really me, but it was either aqua or brown and I didn’t want to go overboard on the brown and look like a flowered UPS delivery person. The other winner was this top and navy pant set. Not exactly haute couture, but, hey, for scrubs I’m pretty happy.


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