The universe demands payback

Apparently now that I’m making money (not much, mind you, I’m only getting in about 16 hrs/week) the universe has demanded repayment for the financial bones it’s thrown me over the years. As I’ve already mentioned the computer started getting twitchy a month or so back and became darned near impossible to use, so I got a new one. I am enjoying this gadget, don’t get me wrong, but it would’ve been nice to wait another few months before sinking cash into that department.

The same day I bought the new computer I had the strangest series of events happen when I was heating up some leftovers… microwave beeped, took food out, shut door, and *poof* microwave goes dark. I checked the plug to see if it somehow became unplugged (how, I don’t know, the plug is in a cabinet I never go into, but it seemed like a logical first step)… it was plugged in. Opened the circuit-breaker box and sure enough it was tripped. “Weird,” I thought, but I reset it and everything seemed to be fine, except that one of the lightbulbs under it had burnt out (it’s an over-the-stove model). No biggie, I knew it was on its way out anyway, I’d get a replacement the next day. Then I went to turn out the (remaining) light. Hm… the microwave cycled through its display of “Bright Light-Night Light-Light Off” but the light stayed on burning as brightly as ever. Damn… damndamndamn. I googled it (how the heck did we ever survive before Google?) and found a message board with someone reporting a similar problem and another person replied saying it was some sort of board. I went onto the manufacturer’s website and schedule a service call. The guy showed up this afternoon, looked at the microwave’s guts and said, “Yup, it’s the circuit board.” He looked up the price: $200… with a replacement bulb and the labor, it would come to over $400 to fix. He told me it would be cheaper to get a new microwave. No kidding. He took the remaining lightbulb out. The rest of the microwave still works, but damn, I really liked having the light over the stove so I could actually see what I was cooking. Now I’ll be spending my free time trolling the home improvement stores for sales on replacements. On the plus side, I happened to mention that my icemaker shat the bed a year or two ago and he opened the freezer door, made a couple quick adjustments, and *presto* ice. So at least I got something out of my $90 service call. Poop.

On top of that I scheduled a front end brake job for the end of the week. Which isn’t really something breaking… I knew I needed new brakes since I took it in for its last oil change three months ago. I was just hoping… they’d grow back? It could happen. *sigh* I’m sure the car place will find something else to alert me of. Like the fact that the tires are wearing down. Since when is stopping and steering so darned important, hm?! I jest, but still.

Well, universe, if you could just give me an extension for another few months, I promise I will start payment with interest. Just don’t let anything else crap out on me in the meantime!


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