Got a new toy

I bought myself a little RN gift today. Okay, it wasn’t little and it had nothing to do with me getting my RN, but it was needed. I am typing this on my brand new computer. The other one was driving me nuts. For all I know its problems were fixable, but quite honestly between the paint wearing off the keys and the overheating and battery running down when it was always plugged in (?!) I didn’t really feel like trying to find out what its problem was. So after work today I checked out two branches of the local office supply chain to see what they had and brought home my new baby. It was hard not to buy the cheapest one they had (they did have a very cheap one), but seeing as that was how I went about purchasing the last one, I decided that maybe it was worth it to spend an extra $100 for the extra 2GB (not that I have the foggiest idea what GBs do for me, but I figure it can’t hurt). And it’s an EnergyStar computer, yay! Even has presentation mode and a webcam and microphone. Very exciting. I couldn’t help noticing that they don’t stock the brand of my old computer anymore… if I found out that they went under I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Oh well, it got me through the heaviest part of my program. I was hoping it would last the full two years, but hopefully this one will make up for it. And maybe I really should by that warranty thing… it would be cheaper than buying a new computer in another 18 mos. Anyway… so far I’m enjoying it and the kitties are enjoying the box.

T-minus one week until I get to don my new scrubs for the first time. Hard to believe. I talked to the quality director today and she asked if I’d be able to stay on per diem for them. I won’t be putting in the hours I have been, obviously, but I can keep up with a few of the chart reviews that I’ve been responsible for and make a little extra cash. It’ll be nice to keep my hands in the quality world, too. Something tells me that this fall I’m going to be absolutely nuts between my two jobs and school! But hey, it’ll all be worth it in the end, right?!


One thought on “Got a new toy

  1. Caroline says:

    You deserve a toy!!! Mine was an Ipod after finishing Med Surg II. A new computer is definitely fair after passing the freaking Nclex!!! Yea for you! And buying new scrubs is a rite of passage…have fun!

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