NOW it’s official

When I checked the state’s listing of RNs yesterday I was finally on it. Woohoo! I’m really glad I paid that $8, I couldn’t have stood waiting that long to find out that I’d passed. I then attached the RN tag that the CNO gave me what seems like years ago (but was probably just a couple months) to my work badge. I’m happy to finally be legit. Much like birthdays, though, I can’t say I feel any different otherwise. I wonder when I’ll stop feeling like the goofy student and start feeling like an RN.

I spoke with my manager for the nursing job yesterday and she is planning for me to start in the newborn nursery on the 1st. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’m going to be happy to be back on the floors and really delving into maternal/neonatal nursing, but I like what I’m doing now, too. I keep wishing that I could get more involved on the quality side of things. At least I have my quality improvement project coming up this fall, so that should keep me more than occupied!

Still working on my summer class. I’ve been largely ignoring it with the NCLEX stuff, and now I need to get to work so I don’t have it hanging over my head once I start working. It would help if this stupid computer would stop crapping out on me, though. It has taken to shutting itself off with alarming regularity. I took it apart yesterday to clean out the fan, but there wasn’t nearly enough dust/cat fur in there to warrant its antics. I’m afraid that the solution might be getting a new computer, preferably in a brand that I’ve heard of before… as opposed to this current lovely piece of machinery. *sigh*


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