Quite possibly nuts

I got home around midnight last night from having dinner with a friend and her boyfriend and meeting their 8-week old kittens (insert *squee!!!* here, so cute!). I decided to check my e-mail before I got ready for bed and found my ATT [authorization to test] in my inbox! I clicked on the link to schedule it to see what was available. It searched the closest testing centers. I went to the first (closest) one and started clicking dates. There was a test available this Saturday morning. “Well, that’s a bit soon,” I thought. I started clicking on the upcoming dates… nothing, nothing, nothing. The next available test was in the second week in July! I then went to the next three sites’ schedules. They had absolutely nothing until the second week in July.

Here came my dilemma and my crazy move. I decided that I didn’t feel like having this hanging over my head until mid-July; I signed up to take the test Saturday (aka tomorrow) morning. I am, as the title states, quite possibly nuts. I have 55 minutes to change my mind without losing the $200 I paid.

As I tossed and turned last night with the adrenaline of my risky move still pumping through my veins I pep-talked myself about why this isn’t the craziest thing I could possibly do. I finished up my test prep program last week and it said that I have a 99% chance of passing. And if I do fail I’ll still have enough time to take it again before the new grad program at my hospital starts up (you need to wait 45 days to retake if you fail). I know this stuff. I’ve been learning it for a year and a half now. I’m good at standardized tests. And in all honesty, how much am I really going to study between now and mid-July? I’ll go through some test banks, maybe. But I’ve done the main prep already… I don’t see much benefit to postponing it.

So… I am taking the plunge, waking up ridiculously early on a Saturday and heading up north to face my fate. Dun dun dunnnnnn….


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