Quality Gal

I’m back in the realm of tax contributing citizens, yeehaw! I was beginning to think that maybe my per diem job wasn’t going to come through after I hadn’t heard back from the HR person. Then she called Wednesday evening and asked if I could be there at 9am the next morning for my pre-employment physical. A little last minute, but it’s not like I had anything else planned. So off I went.

I filled out copious forms. I walked on tip-toes to one end of the room and walked on my heels on the way back (hm, I think the last time I had to do that was my pre-kindergarten testing). I lifted 40 pounds using good body mechanics. I got yet another PPD planted. I swear the manufacturers of those are in cahoots with the Joint Commission, how many times do I really need to get one of those tests to prove that no, I still don’t have TB? I got nervous because now you need to get two done in a row and the first one has to be read before you can start. My start date was supposed to be today! Thankfully they accepted the one I had to do for school back in January as number one, which cleared me to start work immediately. Just have to go to the ER tomorrow to get this one read and I’ll be done for a year.

Then I chatted with an HR guy and found out that he and his wife live in the next building over. We gossiped about the neighborhood over I-9s and W-4s. Good times. After that I trotted myself off to the lab to find out if my MMR, Hep B, and chicken pox immunizations are holding up. I made the mistake of looking at the phlebotomist’s nametag… “Student”. Damn! I know I should not think this being a student myself, but I’m not good at having blood drawn. I’ve fainted once and come close another time. My veins do not like to give up their blood. It went okay, though. The first vial filled right up, the second one, not so much. Another person came over and helped out and luckily was able to get some blood (not a ton, but hopefully enough to do the titre). Just in the nick of time, too. My arm was turning blue from the tourniquet. Amazingly, though, I have just the tiniest bruise there today. Usually my entire inner elbow turns black and blue. So if I see that student again I’ll have to thank her.

On my way to the lab I ran into my old preceptor in the hall. “You’re here!” she cried. “Can you start today?!” It’s nice to feel wanted. And I probably would have started except that HR told me that my start date was today and I was also wearing jeans (not that such attire would preclude me from doing my job, but I would feel most unprofessional). I did stop back up after my blood draw and we talked about what I’d be doing and I joined them for lunch. It was good to be home again.

So today marked day number one of the new job, which is basically what I did as a student, but I get paid for it now. No complaints here! Though I did feel guilty that I didn’t put in a ton of real work today. I got there and we had coffee and muffins for a woman who’s leaving. That took up half an hour. Then my preceptor (who is not my preceptor, but will be my preceptor again in the fall… weird) had to go give out some awards, so I tagged along for that even though I really had no reason to be there. Then I got to work and spent a good hour trying to figure out what was going on with what I was supposed to be doing. Then somehow it was lunch time. When I got back from lunch I went down to the uniform sale they were having in the auditorium. Then I came back and reviewed, um, one chart. Go Chart Reviewer… way to be earn your keep. Oh well, it was a weird day. Monday I will be more productive.

I did go to HR to request a new name badge. It will look exactly like the one I have now, minus the great big “Student” title. I belong there now 🙂 And it feels good to belong. I missed my quality & safety friends.

Still studying for the NCLEX. I thought maybe I’d be done with the prep people after the predictor, but my instructor told me to redo three of the assessments that I hadn’t scored as well on the first time around. I’d kind of like to be done with that stuff now, but at the same time it’s nice to have someone keeping me focused on it. I got an e-mail from the company processing my RN license application saying that they don’t have the piece that the school was supposed to send in. Argh. The school sent it before I sent my part! When I wrote back telling them that they replied saying that it can take 7-10 days to make it to their desk. Where is it in the meantime? I would like to become legit sometime soon! C’mon people!

Now it’s on to the weekend. Supposed to be hot. I looked at the 10-day weather forecast and there wasn’t a day below 80 listed. Yech. I max out at 80. Thank goodness for central air. It’ll keep me inside doing my schoolwork like a good doobie. Stay cool!


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