To-Do List Mania!

I am not a list person, never have been. But perhaps I should become one… the past few days I’ve been making daily lists for myself of things to get done and it’s resulted in me being surprisingly productive. I’ve gotten stuff done around the house, I’ve gotten stuff done for school, I’ve studied for the NCLEX. It feels so good to cross things off and not feel like a procrastinating sloth!

Speaking of studying for the NCLEX, I took a final predictor test today and it said that I have a 99% chance of passing the real deal. That sounds good to me! I’m still going to keep up my studying, but it’s nice to have that virtual thumbs-up in the back of my mind. Now if only I knew when I was actually taking it… perhaps I should put “patience” on my to-do list!


One thought on “To-Do List Mania!

  1. Caroline says:

    Yay for lists! I love ’em.

    You’re gonna do great on the NCLEX…I can feel it. NO WORRIES!!

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