The application for RN licensure in that Other State where I’ll be working went out Friday! Eek! It was a relief to get it off my desk (I should mention here that the cats got ahold of it at one point, so the credentialing company is getting an application with some teeth marks and weird wrinkles in it… hopefully they won’t hold it against me!). Now the only thing between me and the NCLEX is this company. I sit and wait for them to tell the NCLEX people that they can give me my authorization to test (ATT). Ugh, the suspense. Ugh, the fact that I actually have to take this thing! I’m not really freaked out, it’s just the fact that I’ve never taken a test that held so much weight before. I mean there were the SATs, but that’s not really a make or break thing. Same with the GMAT. Those scores fall on some sort of continuum… there is no pass or fail (I guess there is still the possibility of ace or bomb, but most people fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes and make do). The NCLEX, well, you either pass or you fail, the end. And, well, your career is at stake. You can take it again if you fail, of course, but I’d rather go the one and done route!

In other good news, I heard from an HR rep on Friday about my per diem job that I’ll be doing in the interim. She was working from home, so I’ll have to finalize things with her this week but everything is set on their end, I think I just need to do my pre-employment physical (ick) and I can come on board. Oh sweet income, how I love thee!

Class is going okay, which can also be read as, “I’ve been doing diddly squat.” I have done some reading and the book is pretty good. But I’m not exactly head over heels about yet another discussion board class. There are good things about it, but not enough to motivate me.

I have managed to be productive otherwise, though. Today I got some much-needed cleaning done around the house and finished up the last module of my NCLEX review. I guess I have to take a proctored final assessment and then I assume they set me free to figure out how to study on my own for the rest of the time between now and test day. It’s been a good process to help me get reacquainted with the various topics at the very least… I think the best thing I can do now is go through my various test bank CD-ROMs and answer questions. According to the nurses I’ve talked to that’s the way to prepare.

I got my scrubs order, too. I seem to have found one brand that actually fits. The other two, well, not so much, but I think I’m giving up on the idea that “scrubs” and “well-fitting” are ever going to wind up in the same sentence. There are a couple other brands I want to try, though. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll find something.


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