Here we go again

Despite the fact that the intensity of the program is winding down, I feel like I haven’t had any time to really catch my breath. I only finished up my last spring class a week and a half ago (I wanted to finish it up prior to that point, but in all honesty, I will take all the time I’m offered to get something done, so I didn’t turn in the take-home final until the last day). My NCLEX review instructor has been cracking the whip to keep me on schedule. I did take this weekend off as I was out of town, but summer semester started up Tuesday and I need to get working on the reading, etc. for that class. Sigh. I think I’m just getting itchy now that I see the finish line looming only two semesters and eight credits away. Can’t let it get to me, though… need to keep pushing through.

I’m also suffering through my post-vacation funk. I love going away and visiting my friends, but coming home afterwards, no matter how short the trip, is an unwelcome adjustment. I travelled west for the holiday weekend to visit a college friend who also went on to become a nurse. It was great to see her since it had been over a year and a half (and one baby) since our last visit… far too long. Auntie (me) fell in love with the tots. They’re just amazing little creatures and kept me laughing for the duration… even mid-mega-meltdown I was laughing, which gave me hope that perhaps I do have more patience and serenity than I give myself credit for. We got in some shopping, movie-watching, and Wii-playing. Another of our college friends was able to come over for an afternoon with her family. Overall it was a very nice time and it was hard to leave. Next time I’ll have to plan something longer (though probably not long enough for my friend… she’s been trying to convince me to move out there for years).

In good news, I had my official interview for my job last week. Had a nice chat with the educator in charge of the new grad program and met briefly with my manager. I also found out the pay rate for new grads and wowee… I can’t believe this, but I’m actually going to be making more than I was when I left career #1! It makes me feel a lot better about being able to pay off those loans I’m accruing! Now I am just antsy to get the NCLEX stuff through. Our final grades for spring should be in, so I should have the needed paperwork from the school soon. Then I just need to get a photo for my application, send it in, and wait… and continue to study for the NCLEX. I think I’m in the third to last module of the program now and the last two are short.

When I talked with the maternity director I asked her about uniform requirements and she said that they have scrubs there, or we can wear our own, we just can’t wear them in/out, we have to change there. So I ramped up my search for scrubs and found some sets online that looked slightly less like burlap sacks or gift wrap. Woohoo! I got a lovely sage and white combo in the mail last week which I’m quite happy with and ordered three other sets this week. Giving a few different brands a test drive, we’ll see how they work out. I was able to find some combos that look almost like real clothes! I’m excited to see whether they live up to my hopes and dreams for work attire 😉

Off to run errands and get that photo for my license application!


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