Ugly scrubs

In my newly-employed frenzy I went to a uniform store with one of my friends to check out some new fashions for the floor. I emerged feeling vastly underwhelmed. I apparently need to accept that nursing uniforms are ugly buggers and deal. But why? Why do they have to be so ugly? Why are they made with the same amount of tailoring as a brown paper bag? Why do they need to be made out of material that feels like a brown paper bag? Why do they make me look like a little kid trying on mom’s clothes? I am not THAT small! I tried on one top that managed to make me look both pregnant and anorexic at the same time. WTF?!?! And the pants! Oh woe the pants! Elastic waists are the norm, apparently (because I love wearing a tourniquet around my waist, don’t you?). Since I am rather small in the waist area that means there is a lot of billowy fabric around the hip section. I do not need to look like I have a bustle, thank you. One pair of pants made me look like I had a rooster tail because of all the extra butt fabric! Oh, and the crotch hanging down around mid-thigh is also rather irritating. Argh. And finally, the patterns and the colors. I do not do bright and I do not do cutesy. And here I am caught in a sea of clothes in all colors of rainbow sherbet and covered in floral prints galore. Ugh. Barf-o-rama. Yes, I am being petulant, thank you for noticing.

I will perhaps try some other stores this week. There are supposedly some brands that have a bit more style, so maybe I can find something that doesn’t make me look like I got swallowed by the fabric department at Wal-Mart. Pooey. It’s not like I want to go back to the days of white dresses, but at least they looked professional! I would like to look professional, not… well, scrubby!

Enough about that. Been trying to NCLEX this weekend… I bombed a practice pharmacology assessment a week or so ago, so was assigned to go through the test-prep program’s pharmacology book one chapter a day. Of course, I did not actually own said pharmacology book and had to order it online (thankfully found it for $5, woot!) and wait for it to get here. I’m now trying to blast through the thing to get it read on-schedule, but I swear that every time I pick it up I fall asleep. It’s not the most exciting reading in the world. I have a presentation coming up on Saturday that I need to get working on, too. Ha. I’ll be scrambling on Friday night to put something together that looks reasonable, most likely. At least that class will be done after that!

The semester really is almost over, incredible! Now that I’ve got the job thing settled I at least know which state I’ll be applying for my initial license in and I’ve got the form pretty much ready to go, just need the appropriate signatures from the powers that be at school. I registered online for the NCLEX, too. I won’t have a date until the state tells them I’m clear to sit for it, but at least the initial process is out of the way (and $200 more of my imaginary money has disappeared). I’ve started having nurse dreams, too. Dreams where I find myself working on a unit (strangely, it’s been the telemetry unit, NOT the maternity unit!) trying to take care of patients without having any real preceptor or assignment. It’s been somewhat amusing, actually. In part of my dream last night I was trying to get a patient cleaned up because the Alvin Ailey dance troupe was coming to visit him after their performance. How does my mind manage to make up this stuff and yet I can’t come up with a simple presentation for class? Madness.


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