A done deal… sorta

My preceptor had gone missing for a bit this morning, so I decided to wander up to the birthing center on the off chance that the director would be in her office. We’d been trying to set up some time to chat and hadn’t yet been successful. Half an hour later she was showing me around the unit and introducing me to the staff as “our new grad.” The whole thing was incredibly informal. I’m not complaining, though I wouldn’t have minded an opportunity to bust out my cute new suit that I bought specifically for job-hunting (it was sadly wasted on the dumb job fair…). Still need to finalize things with HR, but I’m considering myself to be unemployed no longer!

Here’s what I know about the job so far. I’ll start soon after I pass my boards, hopefully beginning of June (I’m planning to take them as soon as I possibly can). I’ll get oriented to the regular nursery first, spend maybe a month there, then orient to postpartum. I’ll work on my own in postpartum for a while until I’m comfortable with it and then I’ll orient to labor & delivery, which I’m sure will be quite intense. Sometime in there (July, I believe) the official hospital new grad program will start up, and I’ll be participating in that. It should be interesting, seeing as I’m the only new grad representing the birthing center and I expect most of the others will be med-surg, but I’m looking forward to it. If nothing else I’ll finally learn how to start an IV. Hospitals around here aren’t big on having students start them, so we never went over it in school.

I was briefly bummed because the director said that she doesn’t include special care nursery in the new grad program. Sick babies are my main interest, of course, so I was not happy to hear this, but when I asked if I might have an opportunity later on to cross-train she said that she’d add it on to my program. I guess the only reason she doesn’t generally include it is because a lot of nurses just don’t want to work in that area. Ask and ye shall receive!

The director showed me around the unit. I’d seen most of it before, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to see it through someone else’s eyes and I did get to see some things I hadn’t noticed before. I got a chance to meet some of the staff, too, which was nice. The nurse I had shadowed up there last month was on today and said, “So, I guess you enjoyed your day up here then?” I also met my future postpartum preceptor and realized that she was the one who had snagged me that day to ask if I wanted to do an IM injection with her. I remember thinking that she seemed like a really good instructor, so I’m excited that I’ll get to work with her. She seems like quite the character… she high-fived me today and said, “I hope I like you!” All in all, I think it will be a good experience.

My preceptor seemed quite happy for me, and of course I owe this all to her. She was the one who kept mentioning my interest in maternity to the birthing center director and had become a bit of a go-between. She was telling everyone today that I was going to be working there as a nurse. It’s nice to feel wanted šŸ™‚

So, I guess this is all the more impetus to study for the boards. I am waiting for a pharmacology study book to get here. Stupid media mail… takes forever. I still can’t quite believe that in less than two months I may–ahem, will–be a bona fide RN.


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