A bird in the hand…

So, I went to a job fair today with one of my friends. I was not particularly impressed with the whole thing. I got the party line of “We only take new grads in med-surg” way too many times. I know for a fact that this is not true. My classmates and I are spending significant amounts of time in various hospitals and we know that nearly all reserve at least a few spots in critical care, maternity, ED, etc. for new grads. What I think is missed is the fact that many hospitals want to hire their own candidates first (i.e. the people that are working for them as unit secretaries or aides) and by the time the jobs are filled internally pretty much all that’s left is med-surg. Just tell me that, folks. Don’t give me the “You need to do med-surg to get your skills up.” Baloney! As one telemetry manager told me, “If you want to take care of sick babies, go take care of sick babies… med-surg isn’t really going to help you there.” And she used to take care of sick babies, so she knew of what she spoke.

The day did make me realize something, though: this “offer” (still not formal) that I’m sitting on may, in fact, be my own little gold mine. If I start out somewhere else, I probably will have to do med-surg. Not bad (I actually do like med-surg, just not the patient:nurse ratios), but not my passion. Plus, this manager knows me and I think she’s far more likely to be accomodating of my school needs while I’m finishing up my degree. So… we shall see. But at least I’m feeling better that I’ve explored some options and really am making the best choice for myself. I was talking to one of my clinical instructors (the med-surg one, coincidentally) and she encouraged me to strongly consider this job, as well. I’ve still got an app out at big city kid’s hospital and will put in an app at the NICU that I observed (and loved!) during my maternity rotation. But as the saying goes, a bird in the hand… 🙂


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