The NCLEX fiend

So, remember how I said I was hoping I’d find studying for a standardized test to be as fun as an actual standardized test? Well, I’ve actually been studying. This is craziness, folks! I do not study! And yet here I am… studying! I’ve been going through a book that my RN friend sent me for my birthday last year. I’ve been taking it to clinical and working on it in my downtime. And the school apparently signed us up (?) for a test-prep program. I’m waiting for the bill. Seriously, I know this cannot be free. But I’m beginning to think it might be worth it even if I do end up having to pay for it. I did a preliminary assessment and then my “virtual coach” sends me mini assessments to test me on various areas with assignments based on how I do on those. I think some of this stuff is actually beginning to stick, between the book I’ve been doing on my own and the test-prep program. I may just pass this sucker yet.

Speaking of passing the NCLEX and being able to call myself an RN… last week I had stopped in the nursing administration office at my clinical site for something. The CNO tapped me on the shoulder and told me to come into her office for a second. She went into her desk and pulled out an RN badge tag. All the nurses at this hospital have them behind their badge… the “RN” hangs below it and you can spot them from a mile away. It’s kind of cool, because some people you would never know were nurses. Like the COO… I thought it was exceptionally cool that she is an RN. And I want her job. Heh heh. Anyway, the CNO told me she wanted to make sure that I had one for “when the time comes.” So I’ve decided to carry it around with me as a talisman. I think I’ll take it to the NCLEX with me. It’s funny how they can start conversations, too. My preceptor, one of the nurse managers, and I had gone to another site in the system a couple weeks ago and traffic had turned out to be remarkably light, so we got there early and were able to stop for coffee. My preceptor had gotten up to throw her trash away when an older gentleman noticed her RN tag and said, “Oh, you’re a nurse! So, how do I look?” and we had a fun little conversation with him and his wife/lady friend.

Of course, thinking about this NCLEX-RN stuff means I’m beginning to think about the job aspect more seriously. I think I have a good shot of getting a position at the hospital I’m at now. Even better, the manager of the maternity area is holding a new grad position and has asked me if I’d be interested. How do I say “Of course!” without looking overeager? 😉 I am planning to keep my options open, however. I’ve got a contact at one of the big city hospitals that specializes in pediatrics and I’m also going to a job fair this week. But it is nice to know that I’ve got something in the works and even better, the manager said that she’d be willing to let me start as soon as I have my license, even if the new grad program hasn’t started yet, which is an allowance I’m not sure I’d get anywhere else, but one which I could sorely use! I’ll be sure to post an update.

In other news, the April Fool’s twins are now one year old. I told them this means no more kitten pranks, they have to act like responsible adult cats now. My lecture went in one ear and out the other. They act the same. One of them is sitting on my arm as I type this. Yikes, now she’s on both arms. Never a moment’s rest with these two. Good thing they’re cute.

Anyway, off to bed… class tomorrow.


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