Back to school

Tomorrow marks the official start of the spring semester, though I’ve decided to give myself the day off. I did meet with my preceptor for the immersion experience today, though. I was going in feeling rather hesitant about working in quality management, but my preceptor was able to make it sound like lots of fun and I’m actually interested to see what it’s all about. Some of the things they do include infection control surveillance, monitoring occurrences of pressure ulcers and Foley-related UTIs (Medicare will not pay for these issues resulting from hospital stays anymore, so it’s all that much more important to be vigilant to ensure that these do not occur), keeping track of patients with things like pneumonia or congestive heart failure to ensure that appropriate protocols are followed, working on the accreditation process, ensuring consistency during a patient’s stay (following them throughout their stay), and monitoring Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores. Hm… if I had read this list last week I would’ve wrinkled my nose, but after meeting with my preceptor it actually sounds like fun.

Perhaps I’m just excited because she told me I could wear whatever I wanted as long as it’s not jeans and sweatshirts, and I’ve decided to ditch the dippy uniform polo shirt (yes, the one I waxed poetic about a year ago for its “professional image”) and just wear business dress and maybe throw my lab coat over top. She said I could wear my uniform if I wanted to, but I’d feel kind of dumb wearing scrub attire when they’re wearing suits and stuff. Maybe if I have a day where I know I’ll be on pressure ulcer rounds I’ll break out the uniform, but if I’m sitting in the office, forget it. Ha. It’s also nice to know that I’m actually going to be involved in stuff related to the clinical nurse leader role… I was worried about how I’d tie that in if I was on a unit.

So I am going to start that on Wednesday, that way I can spent tomorrow running errands, doing a last-ditch cleaning effort, and perhaps going shopping for some more work clothes. Plus we have class this Saturday, so I figured I needed to make up the day I was going to be missing out on during the weekend. Back to the grind!


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