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For those waiting with bated breath… I got a 4.0 for the fall semester. Woohoo!

The holidays were nice, though fairly uneventful. Christmas was a two-day affair with my brother’s family coming down the Saturday before. I bought a Crayola gingerbread cookie kit at Target and made those with the kiddos which seemed to go over well… I had fun anyway 😉 And I was relieved to know that I was not banished to the realm of mean aunties by giving them books for Christmas. Christmas day I spent with my parents. Quiet, but I got some much-appreciated gift cards/certificates for groceries, gas, and a hair cut! Then on the 29th I headed down to Philly to visit my old roommate for the new year. It was a nice time and I managed to miss two New England snowstorms while I was down there… I like the snow, but I was glad to not have to travel long distances in it. For New Year’s Eve we went into the city for a bit during the day so that I could see the neighborhood where my friend will be moving next month. We walked to Rittenhouse Square which was quite pretty, even in the dull of winter and stopped at a nearby cafe for a carrotcake latte (mmm… tasty) and almond steamer (like drinking a liquefied macaroon). We then drove to Manayunk, one of those town-within-a-city type places, and had dinner. The dinner was okay, not phenomenal, but they were giving out free glasses of sparkling wine with each entree, so that was something. I also had a key lime martini there which was out of this world… I think I’m going to have to figure out how to recreate it at home soon! Then we went back to my friend’s place, drank tasty beverages, painted our nails, and watched the ball drop… then at some point switched over to a Spanish channel to do the count down (Acapulco time) again… too bad my Sesame Street Spanish is a bit rusty and I couldn’t quite remember all my numbers, especially backwards! 😉 New Year’s Day we had a late bite at Beau Monde, a crêperie in the city. The atmosphere and the food were both wonderful… the service left a fair amount to be desired (perhaps they were trying to give us French attitude as well as French food?), but I’d be willing to give them another shot during my next Philly visit seeing as their menu was full of yummy sounding combinations! Headed back home that afternoon to find minor amounts of cat destruction. Bad kitties.

Since then, I actually have gotten in a bit of paid employment, which will go a long way in helping me get through the month financially. I’ve also been catching up on fun reading. So far I’ve gotten through:

Life on the Refrigerator Door, by Alice Kuipers. It was an interesting concept: the book is a series of notes between a mother and daughter. Took me all of about 20 minutes to read. I felt as though the author woke up the morning that her manuscript was due and said, “Shit! I didn’t write anything!” and managed to scrape together a sappy storyline that, because of the “note” aspect, didn’t require her to go in-depth in terms of character development and banged it out in a couple hours and shipped it to the publisher. Not a bad book, but not a good one, either. I think she could’ve integrated the note idea into something a bit more engaging.

What on Earth Have I Done? by Robert Fulghum. I was excited to see a new Robert Fulghum book in the library. I had it with me when I was visiting my parents one night and ended up reading a bunch of it to them because they wondered why I was dissolving into fits of giggles.

Harvesting the Heart, by Jodi Picoult. I’d read My Sister’s Keeper before Christmas and enjoyed that (if you can call sobbing through the last chapter of a book enjoyable) and had heard lots of good things about her writing, so wanted to read some more. This was one of her earlier books, but I did enjoy it and will be looking up more of her stuff.

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, by Zoey Dean. The epitome of chick lit: fun, fluffy, and with too many pop-culture references, but good for the occasional brain candy.

Just restocked at the library, so I’ll be getting some more fun reading in while I can! Other than that… need to do a couple admissions interviews for the alma mater before the 15th, clear out last semester’s papers, and do all the other requisite errands and loafing that a good break requires 😉


One thought on “Break blog

  1. John Martin says:

    This is one bookworm dad who says bring on da books! For Rori’s readers, Kaila, Hunter and even our 4-year old Ethan all have voracious appetites when it comes to books and that is something that I hope to continually encourage. Besides, books never run out of batteries and never seem to lose their luster even after a few dozen reads!

    Cheers for a New Year!

    Bruddah John

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