The unknown dangers of Christmas music

Has anyone else noticed that more and more radio stations are going 100% Christmas (Holiday?) music, 100% of the time starting on, oh, All Saints Day? Here you expect me to go into a rant about the commercialization of Christmas and the absolute wrongness of Christmas carols before the witches and jack o’lanterns have been safely stowed away, but that’s actually not my point. I was scanning radio stations yesterday and first noticed that a formerly classic rock station was playing “Feliz Navidad” and that old childlike thrill ran through me and made my stomach do flip-flops. Is it time? Is it really almost time?

I have had a long-standing obsession with the holidays and a never-ending quest for the perfect holiday. “Perfect” is–of course–a four-letter word and I have yet to have the perfect holiday. But it’s the quest that is the fun (usually) part. When Burl Ives is crooning to me, anything seems possible. I start dreaming of cookies and eggnog (if my cousin is reading this he knows he is responsible for making me want eggnog) and Christmas cards and finding meaningful gifts. It’s highly distracting. Which is the crux of the problem. I cannot be distracted between now and exactly one month from now. In that span of time I need to write a community assessment for public health, study for two more tests and create/present a concept map with my group for the childbearing family class, prepare a PowerPoint presentation (heaven help me) on congestive heart failure for my online pathophysiology class, and finalize and present my research proposal. Not to mention do my regular running around for clinicals and goofy journal writing and completing more pathophysiology modules. Oh, but that stuff isn’t fun. It’s necessary. It will provide me with a sense of accomplishment (I hope). But it’s not nearly as fun as daydreaming about winter wonderlands. Harumph.


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