Taking a break

Well, I got the lit review done after all… procrastinate though I might I’ve never *knocks on wood* managed to turn an assignment in late. I hope it turned out okay… I usually reach a point with writing papers where I throw up my hands and say, “That’s it, I give up, I’ll take whatever grade I get!” Except that I don’t really want to take whatever grade I get. I want an A, dammit.

Not a bad day, despite the paper-writing, though. There are times when I can actually appreciate and enjoy the unemployment (if I ignore the no income and boredom part). There’s something about looking outside on a cool October morning with the sun shining outside and the parking lot nearly empty (because most everyone else is at work) with the heat blasting on my head and a warm cup of coffee in my hand to really make me appreciate life’s little joys. I think the cleaning e-mails are helping with this “ain’t life grand” attitude. I find it incredibly remarkable how little things can make such a big difference. Why did I let the kitchen counter continually turn into a clutter catch-all? Well, it would start small (after some sort of cleaning frenzy): I’d drop the mail there when I came in the door, empty my backpack… always intending to put things away, but somehow never quite getting around to it. Sure, I’d shuffle through all the stuff pretty regularly (“I know that phone bill must be in here somewhere!”), but the idea of cleaning it sounded way too overwhelming. Imagine my surprise when after 3, count ’em, 3 2-minute cleaning sessions the counter was revealed to me again! Okay, so how is it that in a total of 6 minutes I was able to clear the counter off and yet in my mind I was convinced that it would take at least an hour? Harumph. In the interest of full disclosure here, I will admit that the stuff that was on the counter migrated to other catch-all areas of the house (on and around the desk, on top of my bed)… but hey, now that I don’t need my full 2 minutes to clear off the counter each day I can use it on those areas. Man, that inner housewife is just busting to get out! Next thing you know I’ll be wearing pumps while I bake pies. Harumph. Anyway, point being that I don’t think I realized how stressed-out the clutter made me. I guess it’s just one more thing on the “stuff I have to do but have no time to do” list. It’s nice to have someone give me a schedule to make it seem totally manageable (the nag factor of the continuous flow of e-mails helps).

I did listen to the Habs games this weekend. Back-to-back wins, tied for 3rd in the East, 5th overall, top power-play record in the league! Of course I’m sure the wheels will come off come mid-season, but I’ll enjoy it for now. And my D-I school is ranked 4th in the USCHO poll this week (with 3 first place votes). The alma mater’s hockey season doesn’t start until mid-November and earned absolutely zippo points in the pre-season polls, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they have a better season than they’ve had the past few years.

Hockey, papers, and cleaning… well, at least I’m well rounded, if a bit dull!


One thought on “Taking a break

  1. Caroline says:

    Not having a job while in school is the WAY to go!!! I enjoy it. Of course, people think that since all I do is go to school, and I get home at 2pm, that I do nothing but eat bon bons and play xbox all day. Drives me nuts. They forget that I am on the bus to school before they even wake up in the morning. I agree that I do have some periods of down time that I wouldn’t normally have while working 8-5. However, I have periods of no-down time that last way longer than a week, too, so it really evens out. I consider school my job, and I just assume I get my 40 hours in somewhere, whether it’s on the bus, studying, panicking, or procrastining. 🙂

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