Dragging my feet

Once again I have a paper to write for my research class. And every day I think, “Tonight I’m going to go home and start working on it, I’m going to spend all of my free time working on it.” But do I? If you know me at all you know the answer is a big fat noooooo. The only good thing is that at least I’m procrastinating by doing work for other classes. Of course, I’m not working on the one big project that probably needs the work the most. But at least I’m working. Right? Ugh.

Speaking of working… I’m trying to figure out a part time job. There’s a catalog company just down the street from me that’s hiring seasonal help and they’ve actually hired me, but I’m trying to figure out whether it’s going to work out or not. They want me to attend an orientation class every night for a week and I already committed to doing a college fair for the alma mater on one of those nights and I don’t want to blow that off. Plus, I have a feeling that this company wants to give me a set schedule for the duration of the employment and that’s really hard to do with my schedule. I feel like things are so variable from week to week that I don’t feel comfortable saying that I could work any Monday, Friday, and Saturday or whatever if it turns out that some weeks I might have school stuff. Not to mention that as we get closer to the end of the semester I’m probably going to be doing a lot of school work and I don’t know if I can commit much time to paid employment. The thing that stinks is that after that last week of school I could work full-time hours for the following month if they needed me to! Feast or famine, as the saying goes. So as excited as I was to think of having some sort of income, I think I might need to turn down the job. I just don’t see it working. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of places advertising for seasonal help, so maybe I’ll be able to pick something else up. Or maybe I can find something for that month I have off. I really do need the cash, there’s no doubt about that, but the scheduling is a challenge.

Other than that, school’s school. Plodding along as best I can. Looking forward to the end more and more. Our maternity rotation ended today. I have to say that postpartum is not my favorite place. It’s okay, but I wish that we could have had more time on labor and delivery. I didn’t even get to see anyone in labor. For someone who’s quite interested in L&D, that stinks! I did get to spend a day in the NICU, however, and that was fun. I really liked it there and I’m hoping that it will work out for me to do my immersion experience next semester in a NICU.

In keeping my personal sanity, I signed up for an e-mail housekeeping group. I figure maybe if I get e-mails telling me what to do each day the house won’t devolve into looking like a cyclone passed through and my accompanying stress level (at least in terms of frustration with the disorganization) will stay down. So far I’m on day 6 and the sink in my kitchen has stayed sparkly clean and today I started a two-minute clean-up of the clutter magnet… well, one of them (my kitchen counter). The counter is far from clear, but it is amazing how much better it looks after just a couple minutes of cleaning. Tomorrow’s step is to start setting out my clothes the night before. Funny, I remember my mother trying to get me to do that when I was a kid. I wonder if it will stick now. I have to say, it would be helpful to not have to run around the house in the morning trying to figure out what to wear or whether what I want to wear is in the laundry pile or not. And it has been really nice to have a clean sink. At least that one small area of the house seems under control! Baby steps.

Now if only there was an e-mail reminder service to get me to do my homework!


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