Another Saturday night…

Eh, what’m I complaining about being stuck at home alone. One of my friends invited me out tonight, but I’m feeling cheap. Maybe I’ll meet them out a bit later for drinks. On the upside I am listening to the Canadiens’ home opener and they just went up 1-0 in the first 72 seconds of the game. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. They got 5 out of 6 possible points in their first three games (all on the road). Make me a Habby girl, boys!

This week went okay. I’m really beginning to detest public health. Between the stomach ache that starts on Monday afternoon and continues until I’m safely on my way home on Tuesday afternoon… only to start again when I realize that I have to journal about my damned day. And my clinical instructor insisting that I rewrite my journals… twice! Hello, the clinical is pass/fail. And it’s a journal for Pete’s sake. At least I’m not the only person in my class with these issues. Eh, less than two months to this semester (I think). I’ll be happy about that. Maternity clinical was good, though. I got to care for a couplet on my own (well, with a nurse, but we had been paired up as students to start off with). That was pretty good. Although I need to work on my maternal skills. I’ve done quite a few newborn assessments, but not so much maternal. We only have two more weeks in maternity, which makes me sad. Our instructor asked for our “wish list” for the next couple weeks and I would like to get back to L&D and shadow in the NICU, if possible. It’s a long shot to do either, but it never hurts to ask, right? Actually, I’m excited to move on to pediatrics, too. I am definitely wishing that I had requested to work in the young family department of my community health agency instead of the regular home health. Perhaps I wouldn’t dread my Tuesdays quite so much.

Anyway, still need to take my pathophys course for this module… renal, yay. And we have a maternity test this week, too. I’ve actually been studying for that. Should probably start working on my lit review for for my research class, but… nah.

Not much else new. Zzz…


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