New kid on the block

Got to go to L&D yesterday and saw my first live birth. It’s really really cool to be part of such an intimate part of a family’s experience. It was a scheduled c-section and when I got there the mom was pretty much ready to go. The CRNA was finishing up the anesthesia and once again I was really impressed with how the CRNAs work. He was very good about making sure the patient was comfortable (and numb!) and during the procedure he talked the parents through what was going on. I got to bring the dad in to the OR, which was pretty cool… made me feel involved, at any rate. Saw the surgery… it’s kinda weird to see a baby come out of someone’s belly! I dunno, it’s like some sort of bizarre magic trick. The mom said that to me later, too. Baby was healthy and happy. Family was ecstatic. I got to spend the post-op recovery time with them and the labor nurse was good about teaching. She asked if I had felt a fundus (the top of the uterus) before, which I only had on Noelle, the birthing dummy (mannequin, that is… I’m not being randomly rude). Since the client was still numbed up she was fine with it and I now know what I’m feeling for and looking for when I’m assessing a postpartum mom! It was quite the experience.

I really wanted to see a vaginal birth, too, but apparently they were having an abnormally quiet day on the L&D floor. One of my friends was on that ward, too, and she was following a laboring mom, but the mom was a primip (first birth) so she was progressing pretty slowly and didn’t deliver before we left for the day. There was an induction that was going pretty slowly and an multip that came in while we were there, but neither of them were anywhere near delivering, either. I’m hoping maybe we can wheedle our way back there to try to see one again… we were both pretty bummed. I did check out one of the water birth rooms, though. Very cool. The nurse I’d been working with said that they don’t seem to use them as much anymore… I guess the nurse-midwives don’t mind using them, but a lot of the physicians aren’t quite as good about accomodating “hands-off” birth. The LDR rooms definitely aren’t as snazzy as post-partum, but it was still pretty nice there.

Speaking of maternity, I found out I got a 94 on the first test in that class, which was a relief… beat the average by 13 points!

Also had an interesting experience in community health this week… I got pecked by a chicken! Not seriously. It pecked my shoe, which thankfully was quite sturdy. My regular preceptor was on vacation, so I was with a different nurse. Our first visit went uneventfully, but the second… the client asked if we could do the visit in his driveway (um, okay) and about two minutes later what seemed like a swarm (but turned out only to be 5) chickens came running out of nowhere and were clucking all around us. I don’t think I’m cut out for frontier nursing!

Other than that… wrote a couple research critiques today. Taking a break from pathophys now. One of my friends invited a few of us over to her boyfriend’s place for dinner last night. It was so nice to hang out with people and just eat and laugh and momentarily forget that we had work to do.

Guess I should get back to my immunity disorders chapter now… snzzzzzzxzzzzzx


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