Semester 2 – check

I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood lately. Funny how dial-up can do that to you! But I managed to make it through the summer semester successfully.

The policy class ended shortly after my last post and I ended up with an A in that. I was still disappointed with the class in general, though. I’m not sure if it’s just that Blackboard is not particularly conducive to online learning or if I’m not particularly attuned to learning in an online environment… perhaps a bit of both. But I felt that I would have gotten a lot more out of it had it been conducted in a traditional format… or even a hybrid format. Either would be preferable. Plus it was such a short amount of time it was hard to actually absorb any of the information. But it’s over and done.

Mental health ended in the middle of July. And there went my 4.0. But to be honest I was happy just to have it over, and happy that I passed both the lecture and clinical portion of the class, since I guess a couple of my classmates are having to petition to stay in the program because they didn’t get the minimum of 80 in the lecture portion. Those tests were tough. Blah. And I hated the clinical setting we were in. I had serious doubt that the work they were doing went very far in helping the patients. But what do I know?

Adult health was a stressful course. It’s the backbone of nursing and it feels like an impossible task to try to absorb all that information in such a short amount of time. But I made it through that okay, too. I think I even got an A in it. The clinical portion of that class was excellent. It really reinforced what we were learning in the classroom and the hospital we were in seemed to be full of friendly people. I got to see some cool stuff while I was there. I learned to do EKGs in the ER on my last day. I saw an aortic valve replaced with a porcine valve. I saw two cardiac catheterizations. Unfortunately–for me, anyway–neither of the patients needed stents, but it was cool to see.

So we made it through. The class vibe is seriously suffering, though. It’s kind of depressing. Maybe the month off will give people some downtime to rest and regroup. But I thought that after first semester ended, too. So we’ll see. I’m pretty excited for the next batch of classes, though. We’ve got two more pre-licensure courses: public health nursing and childbearing family (AKA maternity and peds); and two more core graduate courses: research and an advanced physiology course. Yay for science. Not so sure about the research course. I’ll have to see what we do with it. But I ordered the stats book that was recommended for it already so I can try to brush up on stats while I’m on break. I pulled out my textbook from when I took it as an undergrad and it was totally Greek to me (hahaha, math joke). But I also took stats for math majors which is rather more intense than stats for other types of majors.

As for my other plans for break, the lack of money is putting a crimp on my plans. I was hoping to do a lot of travelling to visit friends, but I just don’t know how I’m going to afford it. Plus I have two kitties now and I’d have to figure out what to do with them. So I think those plans will be severely scaled back. Especially after the passenger side window on my car went down and decided not to come back up, which I was quoted anywhere from $200 to $650 to fix. But my mom came over yesterday and today and we were able to get the spare room cleaned up quite a bit and I’m actually typing this in my “office” instead of at the kitchen counter. I have some more general cleaning to get done, but it’s nice to have a study room. I’m also making friends with the local library again since you can’t beat free books and DVDs. The big 2-9 is next week. If anyone is looking for gift ideas, winning lottery tickets are always appreciated 😉


One thought on “Semester 2 – check

  1. prisca says:

    Hi-just wanted to say its nice to find another nursing student out there. i know what you mean about class moral being down–we have had that a lot too. Good luck to you!


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