Quitcher bitchin…

Okay, now that I’ve said that, I am going to proceed to do just that. I was hoping that our two weeks away from the classroom would give everyone some time to rest, recharge, and come back ready to go. But it seems that a lot of frustrations from first semester have boiled over into this one. I’m as big a fan of the gripefest as the next person, however, there comes a point when I want to tell people to just suck it up and deal. Though it may be academia, it’s still the real world. Let’s all act like adults here.

I’m so tired of listening to the complaints and the whines and the “it’s not faaaaiiiirrrrs” that are going around. Yeah, the program is not as organized as we would always like it. Yeah, different teachers have different styles and sometimes you just have to silently roll your eyes at some things. But A) it’s rude to outwardly display animosity to a professor. Use your words and state politely what your issue is and how you would like to see it resolved. If that does not work, head up the food chain. Ever heard the phrase “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?” And B) this is the way life is. There are ups and downs and you have to adapt. Wouldn’t it be easier to get to the adaptation part faster than wasting time whining? Oh and use your brain! If something doesn’t make sense, consider what the person might have meant, i.e. if a test is listed as being on 6/12 on one page and 6/21 on another and you know that we’re NOT IN CLASS on 6/21 then it’s probably safe to assume that the professor made a TYPO (*gasp*!) and it would be appropriate to say, “Excuse me, may I assume that the date on this page is a typo and that the test is actually on the 12th?” rather than sighing loudly and saying, “Why are the tests listed on two different days?” Another example: I’m not excited about taking a course online, either… if I had a choice I’d be in a classroom. But we don’t have a choice. So we can either sit there and fret about the what-ifs –what if the internet crashes worldwide? what if there is a power outage someday? what if I get carpal tunnel from typing, go blind from looking at the screen, and get cancer from the laptop permanently glued to my lap? — but the reality is that we’ve got five weeks to do this thing… let’s just do it and try to enjoy it and learn something from the experience (even if it’s that online learning sucks and we were right to try to avoid it).

I just get frustrated sometimes because I’m really grateful for this opportunity. Of course I get annoyed with the disorganization and I get overwhelmed with the work at times, but I decided to pursue nursing in a direct-entry masters program for a reason. It’s not a perfect program, by any means, however it’s got a lot of great aspects to it. We have the opportunity to learn about so many things and I think this education, if taken full advantage of, can go a long way in making us into great nurses. I look at the things I’m learning and I see how they can benefit me even if five years down the road I decide that I don’t want to work as a nurse anymore. My time will not have been wasted both because of the education and the overall experience. I want to be with other people who are excited, too, people who take the risk to be open-minded, acknowledge that we have a lot to learn, and approach it with a certain zest and eagerness. Of course part of this is selfish… it’s easier to be motivated when those around you are. But I really wish that we can all pull together and approach this with a bit more positivity than has been demonstrated thus far.


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