Back to school

Well, the two weeks of freedom are over. Nothing particularly exciting went on, but it was good to have the time to decompress and catch up on sleep. I had a dentist’s appointment down in Beantown and decided to stop in the old office while I was there. It was definitely weird to wander through… and embarassing to admit that I briefly forgot which floor I used to work on! Yeah, I think we can safely say that part of my life has been largely deleted from memory! But if nothing else talking to people reminded me of why I left and reassured me that I made the right move (not that I ever doubted that!).

The cleaning frenzy never quite occurred, but the house is in a better state than a couple weeks ago at any rate. My parents came over yesterday to help me with some projects including changing a lightbulb in the microwave… you’d think this is a relatively easy task that does not require parental involvement, but I swear GE superglued the damned things in. It took us about half an hour just to base of the old one out. What a pain. Then we had to replace the washer hoses per the condo association… now I see why the condo association didn’t do it themselves! But I washed a load of laundry last night and there were no leaks or anything so we must have done it right! We also put up some decorative shelves in the master bath. I’ve only had them sitting on the floor for three years now. In other exciting house news, I got an early birthday present of a new bistro set for the deck. It matches the siding and decking just about perfectly. Now that the monsoons have stopped maybe I can actually get out there and enjoy it!

In other non-school news, I might get a fur-baby soon! My aunt called to let me know that a friend of hers has two litters of kittens she’ll likely be looking for homes for soon. One litter is about 5 weeks old, the other was just born last week. So I’m not sure when that will happen… it will depend on which litter the kitten comes from.

Today was the first day of summer semester. We’ve got three courses on the books. The first is entitled Nursing & Change in Health Services and is one of the core graduate nursing courses. It’s about health policy at the macro level. I’m actually pretty excited about the material since it will be a bit of a way for me to integrate my previous career and the new one since we’ll be talking about finance, insurance, etc. It’s a totally online class, which will be interesting. I’ve never taken an online course before. But this isn’t one of those online courses where you can do the work whenever… we have deadlines every three or four days, so we’re on our toes! It’s also an extremely shortened course… one semester in five or six weeks. Whoo! The second course is Care of People with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. We had our first lecture today. The professor definitely seems excited and interested in the material and I’m looking forward to it a lot more than I was initially. We have two clinical sites, one group will be at the state hospital, the other two on a mental health ward… which is where I’ll be. The two sites should have pretty different experiences, since one is largely made up of involuntarily committed people, who are there for a long time, and where people are treated regardless of ability to pay, while the other houses people who are actively seeking treatment, are only there for 3-5 day stays, and which does not accept patients without insurance (I’m at the latter). I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone’s experiences. Our clinical instructor mentioned that we’d also get to do rotations in different areas including the group that assesses people who have come in (through the ER, etc.) to determine whether they’ll be admitted, referred to resources, etc., the chaplaincy, and outpatient oncology. Our final class (but worth the most credits) is Collaborative Care II: Managing Acute & Complex Care of Individuals. I’m looking forward to this class, too, since we’ll be getting more in-depth on the issues that we started getting into in our health assessment class. I’m not sure where we’ll be doing the clinical component of that course, but we have a couple weeks of lectures first.

We’re off to a running start. And I should get down to some reading now for class tomorrow. Full speed ahead!


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