So much for escapism

Perhaps, when picking out books from the library, I should pay more attention to the critical praise quoted on the back… like the one that says “Resolutely anti-escapist…” Wouldn’t you know that I was looking for escapist fiction, something light, chick-lit even. Instead I just finished this novel that made me feel physically suffocated while reading it and had me questioning our very existence. Um, yeah, not quite what I had been looking for. Here’s hoping that “Freakonomics” is a bit more lively and less depressing.

I made it through the bedroom in my cleanup process today and got a lot of laundry done. Tomorrow I’ll tackle either the kitchen or living room. I figure there’s no point going nuts and cleaning everything at once. It’s supposed to warm up the next few days, too, so I’m thinking I need to evict myself from the house and get out for a drive (or at these gas prices, perhaps a long walk) and enjoy the weather since I’m beginning to think that I won’t be doing much reveling once classes start up again. I thought this first semester was heavy, but I’m realizing that the NCLEX stuff is really going to be going to get into full swing this summer, so no slacking off (I want to do well in all my classes, of course, but the ones that the licensing exam focus on take a bit more precedence!).

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my last post that I found out that a friend of mine from the program will be leaving… again. She sent out an e-mail to the class this weekend saying that her husband has been offered a job out of the area and they will be moving in September. This is the second time that she has left the program as she’d started last year only to find out she was expecting twins. I’m excited for them about the opportunity, but it’s sad for me since she was one of my classmates that I felt I more closely identified with. I’m friendly with all of them, but sometimes I feel that my experience is far removed from those of the others. It was one of the most surprising things about starting this program, actually. I expected a few more corporate drop-outs, more late-20s-to-late-30s people, more people like me. Instead there are some perpetual students and a lot of recent grads. I’m strangely on the upper edge of the age range. I’m in no way trying to denigrate their experiences, because I think we all add something unique and different to the program. But sometimes I feel like a bit of an island in the midst of all this because I’m not living with my parents or sharing an apartment with four other people and my prior experiences have nothing to do with healthcare (and, yeah, I left a well-paying job to do this). And I feel like I should apologize for the fact that I’d rather take out student loans to cover the mortgage for the next year before I’m gainfully employed again than give up my home, economically responsible though that idea may be (okay, is). Having M in the program, knowing that she’d worked in an environment very similar to my own and had a home life that involved grown-up responsibilities gave me a sense of belonging that I sometimes feel is lacking. But anyway, I do wish her the best in their new journey, and hopefully she can find a nursing program where they move that will allow her to finally go all the way through.


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