Watch me pull a paper out of my…


(“Again, Bullwinkle?”)

Ooh, we’re so close. So close I can taste it, and it tastes like… a rum and Coke, which is an ideal combination of caffeine and alcohol (I’d go for Irish coffee except… ew, not a whiskey drinker). I’m running on fumes here folks. Sleep has been elusive the past few days. I spent a good part of yesterday locked in the library at school to force myself to do work and not daydream. I really should not procrastinate so much, but I guess I just work better under the pressure to crank up production. So I wrote two papers yesterday and put together a rather sad little poster. I do not like posters. They make me throw tantrums at 11pm in which I cry and throw markers across the room. But I got my stuff done. And then I went to bed at 1:45 to hear my downstairs neighbors, who had earlier in the evening been slamming doors and yelling at each other (as far as I could tell), um, making up. Is it evil that I was hoping that the slamming doors indicated an imminent break-up so that I could avoid the wall-banging serenade? Really, all I want to do at 2am is sleep goddammit. Instead I decided to play music videos from loudly until a safe amount of time had passed. The good news? I found a new Tori Amos video which means she has a new CD out. Woot!

So, needless to say that Dunkie’s was a mandatory stop this morning. It’s sad when the thing that gets you out of the house on time is the pink and orange altar of the sleep-starved. Our class this morning went well. Then a bunch of us tromped over to a bar for some refreshment prior to our next class (yes, I know, it’s quite scandalous). It wasn’t all play, though. I have a group presentation and paper due tomorrow, so my group spent most of our time working on that in between sips. Our afternoon class was a the UU fellowship in town because our professors wanted to have a little party for us, so we had lunch and cake there and spent most of the afternoon on the back deck talking about our final papers (see, that’s really why I waited to write it… I wanted the information to be fresh in my mind!). I acquired a sunburn and a flat bum. But it was a nice change from the usual classroom, I guess.

So tonight I had some more cranking to do. Had to write a paper and an evaluation for my clinical class. Thankfully the paper was based off some literature I’d presented in clinical a couple months ago and that was back when I was anal and organized and had written up an outline, so I pretty much just had to flesh it out and find the appropriate citations. I finished up the group paper due tomorrow. I think it turned out pretty well. Now I just need to find something nice to wear tomorrow for the presentation and the symposium we’re supposed to attend in the afternoon. Our clinical group is meeting in the late afternoon (hopefully quickly!) and then… all I have left to do is take a test online sometime before next Wednesday. Not too shabby.



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