I gotta brag

I got my 2nd paper back in my pathophys/pharm class today and I got a 100! Phew! Helps to make up for my less stellar 2nd test grade. It definitely perked up my day.

We had our poster presentations for my other class this afternoon. I was so stressed about this for some reason. I had made PowerPoint slides and planned to print them out and paste them on the posterboard… until I realized that the posterboard I bought just wasn’t big enough for everything. I don’t know why this made me so agitated. I ended up going to Staples at 7:00 this morning to see if I could buy a bigger posterboard, but I didn’t see one… so I rushed home and cut up my slides. I was about ready to pitch my poster over the porch railing to be honest. I was imagining that everyone else in my class would show up with some professionally designed poster and mine would look like the work of a kindergartener minus the dried-pasta art. It really wasn’t that bad. I’m just feeling the end-of-semester stress… as is everyone else in my class. We found out there was an epidemic of sleeplessness among our class last night. I seriously fell asleep with visions of my poster dancing in my head. Not particularly relaxing, let me tell you. But the presentation really wasn’t that bad. My professor didn’t ask anything that I wasn’t able to speak to. We’ll see how my grade turns out. I still have one assignment to rewrite for that class (which I should be doing now), but once that’s done that class is done! Four more to go…


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